Water Soluble CBD

Our bodies are mostly water. Our Brains are 80% water, Cells are 90% water, and our blood is 85% water. It does not take a doctorate to figure out that if you put something into your body that is not water soluble, then your body will have trouble absorbing it because of it bioavailability. The national consensus is that only about 10% of non soluble vitamins are absorbed by the body.

In pharmaceutical industry there are many side effects from drugs. One of the top reasons for this, is because of poor bioavailability of drugs or molecules that are not soluble in water. So if your body can only take in 10%, then a person needs to consume 10 times the therapeutic recommended dose to get any therapeutic effect because of the bioavailability.

Well if your body takes in 10%, what happens to the other 90% you ask? Well unlike water soluble drugs or molecules which pass through your system almost instantly, crystalline or oil based drugs and molecules are stored in your fats these have a low bioavailability.

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Purest CBD have developed a unique process that make our whole plant extract 100% water soluble. Our products have no added carrier oils or vegetable glycerine it is simply whole plant, nothing added and noting taken away. We are confident that this unique marriage of water solubility and whole plant brings a product that is far more effective, because of its high bioavailability.

Why should you care?

The benefits of  water soluble, whole plant CBD formula are greatly and it increases the ways in which it can be used. Not everyone wants to hold a tincture under their tongue or hit a vape pen in order to get their dose of CBD.

When we take a look what’s on the shelves of health and wellness aisles in natural food stores, we can see that there are an overwhelmingly large amount of capsules and drink-powders. Only by creating a water soluble product can we effectively incorporate CBD into these types of products because of how well it absorbs into our bodies.

Water-soluble CBD  opens up a world of possibilities. Not only does it allow us to effectively use Purest CBD as a precise CBD delivery, but it also lets us use CBD in any drink or food product we can imagine.

Purest CBD has strived to develop a water soluble CBD that is a whole plant formula. Our CBD is not in the usual powder form but as a 100% whole plant extract. So what that means in simple terms is that you get the full benefits of water soluble CBD coupled full spectrum, that makes it faster acting, longer lasting and 80% more effective than oils.

Water Soluble CBD Review

Want to infuse Purest CBD into your pasta sauce? Sure.

How about throwing some CBD into that latte? No problem at all.

CBD in your smoothie? No worries

As you can see, water-soluble CBD has endless potential. It makes the most sense for widespread adoption and use in our everyday lives. Sure, you could just drop some CBD oil into any of the examples above. But how much would you actually be absorbing? Not much at all…

Full Spectrum CBD 100% water soluble chart

The bioavailability of your chosen is very important, the chart above shows that 90% of water soluble CBD is absorbed into the body, where as only 10% of oil is absorbed. Many popular brands have a very low percentage once the CBD has passed through the gut, this is known as first pass.

Purest CBD’s full spectrum water soluble formula gives you the benefit of being water soluble plus it works out as great value for money being 50% cheaper than Love Hemp’s 40% CBD with approximately the same bioavailability.

CBD Supplementing your wellness routine with a powerful plant compound like Whole Plant CBD does not need to be a chore. As a species, we’ve grown up with the cannabis plant, and hemp has played such an important role in our history.

We all contain an incredibly complex and important endocannabinoid system in our body that helps to regulate the function of our nervous and immune systems. Activating this system with CBD supplementation is something that nearly everyone can benefit from.

Purest CBD, the best water soluble CBD in the UK