Sustainably sourced CBD

Purest CBD is a  UK company based in Essex on the Saltmarsh coast, we have always been inspired by the minimal landscape and the big Essex skies, flooding daily the salt marshes are some of the most biologically productive habitats on earth, rivalling tropical rainforests.

Our sustainably sourced,  organically-grown water soluble, full spectrum CBD extracts are 100 percent natural with nothing added and nothing taken away.  We do not use pesticides or herbicides on any of our products. We use a unique process to  which doesn’t damage the plant. Our water soluble extract is a thick dark ,with no carrier oils added, thus giving you a extract that is unlike any other on the market.

Here at Purest we try to keep things simple, we are focused on making our products free from all the nasty stuff that is found in so many modern products.
The core of our business is to promote health and wellbeing through diet exercise and lifestyle choices. In our modern world of both work and social pressures it is hard to keep a healthy mind body balance. We believe that Purest products help to promote a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Quality Without Compromise

The CBD industry is changing day by day. Strategic players are continually finding new uses and applications for this miraculous compound. Yet as dynamic as this industry is, the need for incredibly high-quality and affordable Full Spectrum CBD remains constant. We only use Grade A organically grown industrial hemp . We’ll never compromise our quality by using inferior raw materials imported from other countries or use quick workarounds. The cannabidiol (CBD) that goes into our products are extracted through a unique water extraction methods and meet or exceed all industry standards.

We understand that without you, we have no brand.  At Purest CBD every decision we make will have you in mind.  If the order isn’t right, if you the customer has a question, we want to know about it.  We aren’t in this for margins, we are in this to provide our customers with the best CBD experience on the market.  Your good health is our priority.  We want to earn your loyalty and have you as our honored customer for life.