The UKs only Full Spectrum Water Soluble CBD with no carrier oils or fillers.


Why Buy Our Full Spectrum Water Soluble CBD?

Water Soluble CBD is 80% more effective than CBD Oil.

Want to infuse CBD into your pasta sauce? Sure.

How about throwing some CBD into your morning coffee? No problem at all.

CBD in your smoothie? Lets do it.

Our Whole Plant CBD is 100% Water Soluble and 100% Pure.

Full Spectrum CBD

Full Spectrum CBD gives you all the benefits of the whole plant just as nature intended


Excellent service and the best product on the market. Having tried numerous other related products I have found this really works and is effective within 15 min of taking it. Phil
A good quality CBD with nothing added. Would recommend wholeheartedly. Paulo
Purest CBD is a good quality product. I have tried many other brands and this one is outstanding in quality in comparison. Nicola
Easy access and application of product. Assists with sense of well-being, particularly when under stress due to aches and pains. I do recommend this product. Jackie

Just as nature intended

Our Full Spectrum whole plant extract CBD is derived from the highest grade organically grown hemp and processed using a unique water based extraction, our product has nothing added and nothing taken away, making it 100% Pure CBD just as nature intended.